Under the oversight of Hurley Graduate Medical Education Department, "All GME" includes:

  • Combined lectures assigned to all residents and fellows
  • Patient Safety assignments for all residents and fellows (and some for faculty) 
  • Other resources, such as:
    • Faculty Resources
    • Technology Resources
    • Education Resources
    • ACGME Resources
    • Practice space

Materials from the in-person orientation in June.

This course has been designed to give you a brief introduction to the Medical Library, our services and policies.  

You are REQUIRED to complete this orientation session.   Upon completion of this session, you will:

1.  Have remote access to our electronic resources.

2.  You will be able to use the copy machine and printer in the library. 

3.  You may borrow items from the library.

4.  You will have the privilege of after hours access to the library. 

**After Hours Access and borrowing of library materials will begin on July 1, 2020

The once-per-block lecture and quiz in this course is mandatory for all residents and fellows in Hurley-sponsored training programs. In addition, trainees in affiliated programs also are required to complete certain assignments to meet institutional or accreditation training requirements. (See each topic for a description of which assignments are mandatory for ALL residents and fellows.)

An 80% or higher score is required to pass each quizResults are reported to your program director, and you may view your own grades at any time by using the navigation sidebar on this page.

(Delinquent quizzes are reported to your program director, which may be reflected in your Professionalism evaluations, and may be reported to the Hurley GME Committee and the DIO, if necessary. In some cases, you may be restricted from clinical duties until all training is complete.)

Remember: You must complete the post-quiz whether you attend in person or review the material in eGME after the live presentation. You are not excused from GME professional training responsibilities, no matter which rotation you are working. That is why you have 4 weeks to complete the assignment, and that time frame spans parts of two blocks. With 24/7 access to eGME, we hope you can read the material and take the post-quiz at any time or place convenient to you, as long as you have an internet connection. 

Don't forget to log the education/training hours in New Innovations. (Just log it as part of your regular rotation hours - no need to specify "conference.")

Resources about Flint water

Please read course files before your assigned simulation/role-play exercise.