PGY 2: One Northpointe rotation, in back up.

To complete this block: Caring with Compassion modules and read the Musculoskeletal book

Obviously during this first rotation they will also be learning about Northpointe and running the clinic!


PGY 3: Four Northpointe rotations, two are in back up.

To complete on Rotation 1 in back up: 2 weeks Peds Ortho (Dr. Frye), 2 weeks Adult Ortho (Dr. Srivastava)

To complete on Rotation 2 in back up: 2 weeks wound care (Dr. Arja), 2 weeks transitional medicine (once this gets started, Dr. Inoue... we can do something else until this gets started or do the other experiences)


Additional 2 rotations can be used to gain other experiences, which could take place on Thursday mornings when the clinic is closed:

-1 Asthma home visit

-1 Pulmonary rehab

-1 cardiac rehab

-1 Phlebotomy

-1 PFT

-1 Peds Nephrology (not sure if we will be able to set this up)

-1 Peds Genetics (not sure if we will be able to set this up either)

-1 PT to follow one of the PT therapist inpt for 1/2 day and maybe 1/2 day on 6 east inpt rehab. 

-1 speech evaluation swallow evaluation - step by step from bedside to modified barium etc (a half day with SLP may allow for this)

-1 nutrition adult (inpt, no outpatient available?)

-1 nutrition pediatric (inpt with Barb, and outpt with Anna)

-1 EEG

-1 colonscopy (can be online)

-1 EGD  (can be online)

-1 bronchoscopy (can be online)

-1 experience with outpatient OB-GYN - Basic Pelvic exam, insertion of Mirena/paragard, colposcopy, Nexplenon - those sometimes are done by primary doctors (when they are certified to do them), but at least we can see so we can explain to our pts about the procedure if they ask us. 


Cardiac stress tests and CAC screening should be done on cardiology rotation.

Cleft lip/pallet, peds PT OT, and Peds developmental clinic should be done during Peds Developmental rotation. However, if not able to be done during this rotation, the experience could be set up through Northpointe. 


PGY 4: Two Northpointe Rotations, one may or may not be in back up

To complete on one of the rotations (preferably if in back up): 2 weeks Palliative care

 Geriatrics curriculum to be more on a continuing basis...

Monday afternoons with Dr. Ishaque (Primary resident to go so that they are guaranteed to go 4 weeks.  Clinic closed Monday afternoon so that second resident can do other experience)

5 experiences in the Nursing home with Dr. Ishaque over entire residency... we can divide these based on PGY, back up or not, it doesn't matter... just five experiences.  



The geriatrics curriculum will be a longitudinal experience throughout a resident’s four years of residency, and is meant to:

  • Introduce residents to ambulatory care of geriatric patients
  • Introduce patients to other forms of geriatric care including but not limited to nursing home care
  • Prepare residents to take care of geriatric patients in both the ambulatory and inpatient setting once they have graduated


While on the Northpointe rotation, primary resident will spend Monday afternoons at Dr. Ishaque’s office (9244 Lapeer Rd, Davison, MI 48423)

Please call the office to confirm his availability: (810) 653-2111

While on the Northpointe rotation, residents will be expected to work with Dr. Ishaque to have five experiences in the Nursing Homes (can be scheduled with him while you are in his office).  These experiences should be recorded in New Innovations and Chiefs and Erin Walker should be notified for each you complete.

As a third year, one block will be spent on the geriatrics inpatient service.


  • Learn how to communicate with patients regarding End of Life Care
  • Learn different options
  • Understand the differences and similarities between Palliative care and Hospice Care
  • Learn how to complete an Advanced Directive in both healthy and ill patients


2 week rotation with Diane Welker while on the Northpointe Rotation

Initially observation only, and as you become more comfortable you may begin to have more interactions with families.